Projection Mapping Toolkits

High quality content for original shows

Download  Full HD and 4K Mapping Toolkits – sets of animated architecture and facade elements produced in PNG sequences with alpha channel. Columns, Pillars, Windows, Arcs, Pediments – everything you need to create a really original look. Make your own style performance with high quality content!

Change & Control The Reality

Mapping Toolkits by Video Mapping Store are sets on different animations of separate architectural elements. Thus, you can not only create a projection of almost any building, but also you can mix different effects in one project. Make  columns of facade overgrown with plants and then burn them. Or turn windows into ice and then watch them melting and become waterfalls. Turn everything into gold or pure energy. This is a digital magic which helps you to impress your audience.

For the real fans of Projection Mapping

Mapping Toolkit is the content for more advanced users. If you are good in Adobe After Effects and know how to compile the full picture, this is for you! No presets, no templates. Just parts of constructor you have to solve yourself! Go for it!

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